Summer Daze

Summer Daze


We went to a magical place on Christmas Eve, the day my grandmother would have been 110 years old if she’d lived. My brother, older than my four other brothers, (who are all older than I), was visiting from where he now lives (Noosa, Australia). So we spent a day at Akaroa, on the Banks Peninsular.

I took him to the Kaik of Onuku, and we admired the views and paid a visit to the tiniest church I have ever entered.
Onuku Church

view from a window inside the church
Spirals appear everywhere naturally in nature. They represent growth and development. The third intention in my 8 word mission is “Learn Abundantly” and when I draw the symbols, the third symbol is a spiral. So how apt, for a church, the place where the intention is worship and spiritual growth, the window latches are spiral-shaped.
We shut the door and left, and explored some other places in a wonderful village to spend some of the early days of summer: beautiful Akaroa.

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